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6 compelling reasons to own a spacious 3BHK independent builder floor costing Rs 1.5 crore in Hyderabad!

The debate over owning a 3BHK ‘apartment’ versus an ‘independent house’ is a long-standing one. Over a period of time, more and more people in Hyderabad, as well as the world over, are realizing the benefits of buying an apartment.

Plus, with options like ‘3BHK independent builder floor’ homes, the option of apartment living has become even more interesting. These ‘3BHK independent builder floor’ are offered in a 5-storey configuration, with 5-floors that are meant for only 5 discerning families in Hyderabad (as per GHMC norms). These exclusive, yet independent floors are part of a ‘standalone building’ built on 400 to 700 square yards of residential plot. They usually come with all the relevant amenities like elevator access (lift), and power backup. Localities like Sainikpuri offer these in the range of Rs 1.5 crore.

3BHK independent builder floor

These ‘one apartment per floor’ homes give you the benefits of a SPACIOUS bungalow at a very attractive price point.

When deciding which one to buy, you need to weigh the pros and cons of both an ‘independent bungalow’ versus ‘apartments’ (regular as well as ‘exclusive-floor’ apartments).

Once you do that, you are likely to discover the overwhelming pros that owning an apartment, especially a standalone apartment offers.

Let’s look at 6 reasons why you should consider an ‘exclusive-floor apartment’ instead of an independent house in Hyderabad.

1. Easy Maintenance

One of the top reasons to buy an apartment is the ease of maintenance with the collective bargaining of 5 families living in a standalone building with 5 luxury apartments. With systems and processes in place, you don’t have to worry too about maintaining a property where you have 5 neighbours who share the same building as yours. Your burden of ‘action items’ on upkeep and maintenance becomes minimal.

Collective building ownership helps you share the responsibility for all repairs, security, work, preventative maintenance, and other costs. With the collective strength of living in an exclusive floor, with like-minded neighbours coming from similar backgrounds, the maintenance becomes so much easier. Even if you have to collectively pay a hefty fee, by sharing the costs, the task, as well as costs, become manageable.

2. Save Money

While buying an apartment, and not the entire bungalow, your costs go down drastically. The big picture becomes clearer when you look at the needs of each family member. They all want space, privacy, luxury coupled with an environment where they can blossom. Overall well-being is taken care of, and all this comes at a lower cost. The cost of a healthier life is indeed priceless with an ‘exclusive-floor’ unit, where you OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR!

Cost factor gets lower even while paying for utility bills, the electricity consumption of common-amenities. Being an apartment that looks like a villa, even the air-conditioning costs are much lower as compared to a bungalow. You get all the amenities and benefits of an apartment with much lesser civic taxes, and the other building-related maintenance and housekeeping costs.

3. Increased Safety

When considering the pros and cons of an exclusive apartment versus an independent house, safety scores a big point in favour or an apartment. Living in a multi-unit dwelling like ‘3BHK independent builder floor’ gives added security for your family that you can’t get within an independent home/bungalow.

The proximity of neighbours within the standalone building also makes you feel safe. Increased safety and automation security features make exclusive-floor apartment living perfect for families with children and elders. Those who just want peace of mind can get it easily with exclusive-floor apartments.

4. Relevant Amenities & Location-advantage

Amenities like elevator access to each floor, power backup that come with apartment living are hard to beat. With exclusive floors usually located with convenience right outside your doorstep, they offer many perks that you don’t usually get in most independent bungalows.

Unique advantages of location include access to social infrastructure, shopping hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities etc. For instance, in a ‘3BHK independent builder floor’ apartment in Sainikpuri, you get an upgraded living with bountiful nature and excellent infrastructure all around you.

5. Quality Time

One thing that an exclusive-floor apartment gives you, besides saving you money, is the QUALITY TIME that you spend in the years ahead. The more quality time your family spends at home, the better it is. This gift is truly worth it!

While you can always make money in life, getting to spend ‘quality time’ with your loved ones and your own self is an invaluable gift! Having a lifestyle that gives you the gift of quality time truly is priceless. A 3BHK independent builder floor apartment offers you just that!

7. Community Feel

The opportunity to be like a close and well-knit community is the reward of owning an exclusive-floor apartment in a standalone building. With close proximity to your neighbours living on the other floor, apartment living creates a better community bonding.

By celebrating festivals, occasions and parties together, every family in the standalone building gets a chance to come together, and get to know each other.

Living in an ‘exclusive-floor apartment’ makes life easier. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re making the right decision for your family by buying it!

To quote Jerry Kramer- “Every decision is easy once you make it. The important thing is to think carefully, make your decision, and then work to make your choice the right one. That is the secret to a happy life. There are very few wrong decisions in life, but very few people who are willing to make the effort it takes to make their decisions the right ones.”


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