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What kind of 3BHK home can you buy with a Rs 1 Crore to 1.5 Crore budget in the Sainikpuri locality of Hyderabad?

What kind of 3BHK home can you buy with a Rs 1 Crore to 1.5 Crore budget in Sainikpuri locality of Hyderabad?

With this budget, a potential home-buyer can look at buying a beautiful ‘independent-floor’ apartment admeasuring over 220 sft in Sainikpuri. A budget of Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crore is definitely a good budget, where you do NOT have to settle for more crowded ‘regular apartments’ either in ‘gated-community complex’, or in a ‘standalone building’ apartment that is built on a smaller plot-size of 1000 to 1500 sq. yds.

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With this budget, the best and most sensible option is the mid-segment ‘independent floor’ units built on a 400 to 600 square yard plot, with ground-floor reserved for parking, and a 5-storey configuration for living. Each floor is occupied by one family. Plus, you get relevant amenities like ‘elevator access to your floor’ (lift), and power-back-up. This means, you own the ‘entire floor to yourself’, with all sides open, and complete privacy. This makes it a great living-environment where your family blossoms, and you experience sheer joy while entertaining your friends!

1. Why not a bungalow in Sainikpuri with this budget?

Let’s begin with understanding the background of this stunning locality-

Sainikpuri is a beautiful locality surrounded with the most prominent green cover the city of Hyderabad can offer. The area came-up being adjacent to the Army installations, and also because of the ECIL factory which was barely 3 Kms away from the locality. Due to the influence of Armed Forces retirees, the first colonies Sainikpuri and Vayupuri came-up with a strong cantonment flavour. This is why you not only have huge plots measuring over 1000 square yards, but also wide roads designed beautifully with trees and greenery all around. Now the Sainikpuri post-office has over 2 dozen colonies which are an extension of Sainikpuri, Vayupuri…right up to Yapral.

With the passage of time the rates in Sainikpuri are now over Rs 50,000 per square yards. About a decade ago, one could built an ‘independent bungalow’ with this budget, but land- prices have gone-up in Sainikpuri ever since. Now, a decent plot-size of 400 square yards would cost over Rs 2. Crore, and with the cost of construction, the price would touch about Rs 3 crore or more for an independent bungalow.

This is why instead of going for an ‘independent bungalow’, it is better to put the money to better use with ‘independent floor apartment’. Land will continue to get scarce in this area, and the ‘exclusive-floor’ units will continue to appreciate in the decades ahead. It’s an investment that cannot go wrong, provided you identify a good builder for your dream home!

2. Why is an ‘independent floor’ apartment more expensive than a ‘regular apartment’?

The price is more because of the element of luxury and exclusivity that comes with an independent floor residence. For instance, in Sainikpuri, a ‘regular’ apartment could cost approximately Rs 4000 to Rs 4500 per sft. The ‘independent floor’ unit, on the other hand, costs approximately Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 per sft.

The reason is simple– the with a ‘regular apartment’ you have 15 or more home-buyers sharing the plot, the apartments and the amenities. On the other hand, with an ‘exclusive independent floor’ apartment, it’s just 5 HOME OWNERS owning and sharing the cost of the entire property! Hence, the higher cost!!

Plus, the regular apartment just does NOT measure-up anywhere close to the LUXURY and SPACIOUSNESS that an ‘INDEPENDENT FLOOR’ exclusive apartment offers!

3. Who should buy an exclusive floor unit?

  • Those who seek ‘luxury, lifestyle, privacy and social-status’ beyond the ordinary!
  • Those aiming for a premium segment, and a spacious home over 2200 sft in Sainikpuri locality
  • Those seeking privacy with no neighbours, no disturbance, and complete peace of mind
  • Those who want a discerning lifestyle akin to being in a ‘sky villa’ with all four sides open-to-sky!
  • Those wanting to give a healthier, low-density environment for over physical and mental well-being of the family
  • Those who do NOT want excessive visitor entry
  • Those seeking personalized security, and limited access in and around their home
  • Those seeking High-end fittings & accessories inside their home
  • Those who want efficiently designed spaces, with scope of experimenting with their living spaces
  • Those who want 100% Vastu compliant home just like an independent-bungalow
  • Plus, those willing to pay a price for exclusivity, and make a statement in the social circles
  • In a nutshell- It is meant for those who understand that an ‘exclusive floor’ unit is a superior proposition, and are willing to pay for it!

Clearly, these form part of a PREMIUM segment that costs for the reasons and preferences listed above.

Home buyers who budget is below Rs 80 lakh for a home in Sainikpuri, will have to settle for a regular apartment. ‘Regular cluster-living apartments’ are meant for those who seek affordability, and cannot afford to nurture high-order preferences that an ‘independent floor’ home offers.

The ‘one apartment per floor’ home options are like a sweet-spot between an ‘independent bungalow’ and ‘regular apartments’. Plus, they offer both luxury and exclusivity…allowing a superior quality of life for your family!!

To quote Alexis Carrel, “The quality of life is more important than life itself.”


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