3 BHK vs. 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad: a comparison based on ‘carpet area’ of each room

An apple to apple comparison makes it easier for us to make a decision! Let us focus on the ‘extras’ we get or don’t get when we make a decision between a 3 BHK unit and a 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad.

Fortunately, Hyderabad is much more economical on per square foot price of apartments whether you take Western Hyderabad (.I.T. Hub) or Eastern Hyderabad (Sainikpuri, Yapral locality). Hence, it is indeed prudent to invest in a 3 BHK flat with better design as a result of extra SPACE that you pay for!

A 3 BHK in Hyderabad will also yield better appreciation prospects, should you want to resell it a decade or so later

Hence, it is wise to choose a 3 BHK unit or a bigger home, if your finances permit.

In this article, we shall focus purely on the SPACE factor in our comparison. Let us compare a 2 BHK flat with 1200 sft area with a 3 BHK unit with approx. 1600 sft area.

We shall clearly see what we get with the extra 400 sft…@ approximately Rs 4500 per sft, Hyderabad average price i.e. an additional Rupees 18 lakh for a 3 BHK apartment. Both the plans are good, and the intent here is only to compare ‘sense of spaciousness’ for a comfortable living.

2 BHK flat with 1200 sft built-up area- a standard sample floor plan

2 BHK 1200 Sq. Ft. Apartment for Sale in Sri Mitra Symphony at Rs 4108/Sq.  Ft, Bangalore

[Image Source- https://static.squareyards.com/resources/images/bangalore/unit-image/sri-mitra-symphony-apartment-2bhk-1200sqft-1.jpg]

[Website- https://www.squareyards.com/bangalore-residential-property/sri-mitra-symphony-apartment-2bhk-1200sqft/8564/34710/unit]

The ‘spaciousness’ feel factor for the above apartment (indicative) would be as follows-

  • While this apartment meets the needs of a small family of 4, it has a tight feel on ‘spaciousness’ front
  • Children’s privacy would remain constrained, especially when they grow up to be teenagers
  • You cannot invite anyone over since the guest room is missing
  • Balconies and utility space are a huge respite
  • Having said that, this 1200 sft unit has a great design, and meets the budget and all the functional needs
  • The question really is- if you can afford more space for an additional Rs. 18 less, do you want to settle for this one, OR are you willing to have a more airy, bigger apartment that caters to you needs more effectively!

3 BHK flat with 1585 sft built-up area

sri mitra symphony apartment 3bhk 1585sqft 1

[Image source- https://static.squareyards.com/resources/images/bangalore/unit-image/sri-mitra-symphony-apartment-3bhk-1585sqft-1.webp?d=751×376]

[Website- https://www.squareyards.com/bangalore-residential-property/sri-mitra-symphony-apartment-3bhk-1585sqft/8564/34712/unit]

The ‘spaciousness’ feel factor for the above apartment (indicative) would be as follows-

  • This 1585 sft, 3 BHK apartment as compared to the 1200 sft 2 BHK flat is far more spacious even on individual rooms. This is something home buyers miss to loo
  • The 1885 sft apartment comparison on a ‘room to room’ basis shows it has a far greater SPACIOUSNESS FEEL due to increased square foot area added into each room
  • The extra Rupees 18 lakhs spent on the additional 400 sft is indeed well spent if you think long term and prudently keeping your convenience and comfort in mind
  • In the long run this additional 400 sft will surely help the family enjoy a very comfortable life in the bigger 1585 sft 3BHK apartment
  • You can easily have more privacy for a family of four (2 children), especially when children grow-up into teenagers and beyond
  • You can invite and accommodate guests with ease, and have the thrill of a higher status symbol that comes along with a bigger home!
  • With a slightly bigger utility, it makes the 1585 sft apartment pet friendly too

Overall, while deciding on an apartment, especially when finances are not a problem, you get the real picture when you watch each room closely on carpet area available.

By watching the dimensions of ‘each room’ for apartments you are looking, the decision making process becomes much easier. After all, it is NOT just about budget, but also about your ‘quality of life’!

To quote John C. Maxwell- “It is our decisions not our conditions that determine our quality of life.”


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