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7 compelling reasons Why ‘own the entire floor’ and choose a 3 BHK independent floor apartment?

The times have changed and homebuyers are beginning to raise questions about the “kind of home they need in the post-COVID era”!

This is why independent floor apartments are getting a renewed interest. By ‘3 bhk independent floor apartment’, we mean apartments where you have ‘ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR’.

3 BHK independent floor apartment

This configuration of ‘one apartment per floor’ is particularly popular with homebuyers in Hyderabad, and it is not without compelling reasons. GHMC allows builders to construct 5s storey buildings in small plot sizes admeasuring 400 to 700 square yards, where the ground floor is reserved for parking. The result is 5 apartments in 5 storeys.

Here we have discussed 7 compelling reasons for choosing this exclusive ‘independent floor’ configuration.

1. Natural light, fresh air inflow, cross-ventilation and flexibility to cross-utilize spaces for various activities like –study-from-home, work-from-home- indoor-games, yoga etc.

  • Natural light and cross-ventilation is the basis of Vastu Shastra
  • These Vastu-dictated needs are fulfilled more than adequate with excellent ventilation, ample sunlight, and a clutter-free entrance into their ‘independent floor’ apartment
  • Low density localities like Sainikpuri & Yapral are gaining importance. ‘Family-happiness’ and ‘safety’ has taken precedence over moving to excessively crowded places
  • Greater flexibility to work and study from-home have further increased preference for ‘One apartment per floor’ configurations in established colonies away from over-crowded residential hubs
  • The ‘One apartment per floor’ design are increasingly addressing the new post COVID needs, and the change in priorities of the family members
  • ‘One apartment per floor’ offers efficient and effective designs for a spacious 3 BHK over 2000 sft

2. Open or Semi-open kitchen helps increase the social connect and spacious feel of ‘independent floor’ homes

  • Open kitchens in ‘independent floors’ offer more space with lesser walls
  • The result is better social connect, and flexibility to multi-task, entertain guests, and a sense of SPCIOUSNESS that you get in an independent home
  • The pantry is another key space that’s part of the independent floor, which helps in living a fulfilling life

3. Unimaginable Privacy that comes with ‘One apartment per floor’ configuration

  • With more time spent inside the house, an independent floor apartment allows for more privacy as compared to regular apartments
  • The regular apartments have corridors who are right next which makes living a bit stifled
  • This problem is solved with ‘independent floors’, where you are the OWNER OF YOUR ENTIRE FLOOR PLATE
  • Superior designs of ‘independent floors’ are offering better privacy, noise-reduction

4. Superior design and specifications leading to energy-efficient, environment friendly homes

  • The ‘independent floor apartments’ are more expensive than their regular apartment counterparts within the same segment
  • This means that the lighting, equipment, and fixtures are better planned, and highly energy efficient
  • So, the electricity bills are lower

5. ‘One apartment per floor’ configurations allow you space both mental and physical health

  • One apartment per floor homes have enough spaces that double-up for physical activities within the home
  • With less crowded surrounding, the well-being factor is addressed automatically, and this leads to better mental health for the family members
  • Independent floor apartments are bigger (upwards of 2000 sft), hence, cater to more space for every member of you family

6. Access to direct sunlight, rains, air, and moonlight due to balconies in ‘independent floors’

  • Even if you remain at home in an ‘independent floor’, you don’t feel locked and suffocated, thanks to spacious balconies
  • They have a psychologically uplifting effect on the family members

7. Staying safe, and not paying for amenities like gymnasium, clubhouse etc.

  • An independent floor made on smaller apartments do not offer common amenities, but that is a boon in disguise
  • You end up saving money, and avoiding unnecessary contact with the outside world and surfaces
  • In an ‘independent floor apartment, you get extra space that you save by NOT paying for many amenities that you pay for, but are shared! For instance, gymnasiums, swimming pools, club-houses, beauty-salons, spas, sitting areas, restaurants, cafes, shops etc. All these are NOT as important as having more space and luxuries inside your dream home
  • Home buyers in Hyderabad are increasingly realising why it may NOT be prudent paying for facilities and common amenities that are SHARED
  • Instead, priority is to get more inside the home
  • Another priority is to ensure that common areas of these ‘independent floors’ are made as contactless as possible like elevators, stairs, security system

No wonder, standalone apartment buildings are gaining importance, for what’s inside the home matters much more than external amenities.

To quote Michael Imperioli- “My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.”


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