3BHK Flat in Hyderabad

Benefits of more space oft-ignored by home buyers in Hyderabad & elsewhere: A perspective on why a 3 BHK flat is a sensible choice!

Homebuyers in Hyderabad and elsewhere sometimes choose to finalize on a 2BHK flat, NOT because they cannot buy a bigger apartment, but because they want only their short term needs to be met! They simply turn oblivious to the obvious and do NOT evaluate reasons and benefits that they may accrue from a bigger 3 BHK or a bigger apartment.

This is why we are discussing the potential reasons that are overlooked that actually favours a 3BHK apartment.

1. Those with school going children to appreciate that their children will grow, and so will their needs

  • These home buyers sometime ignore the needs of their children as they grow up
  • Whether you have two daughters or two sons, or one each, they need space as they turn into teenagers
  • They may even continue living with you, and may like to get married while still with you
  • The choice of music they listen to, the study habits, sleeping patterns etc. may differ, so giving your children a healthier environment and space is an important element worth considering while booking a small apartment
  • A 3 BHK or bigger flat allows you to let them have their fair share of privacy as they turn into adults

2. Parents age, and may need to live with you

  • While buying a smaller 2 BHK flat in our late 20s or early 30s, we may NOT foresee that our ageing parents may need to live with us
  • Parents may need medical attention, our personal care, or may simply not be able to live alone after a while
  • Being in bigger cities like Hyderabad have medical advantages that cannot be undermined
  • When a situation arises, a 2 BHK flat just does NOT measure up to our expectations

3. Pandemic like situations requiring work-from-home & play-at-home spaces that give you peace of mind

  • Work from home became a reality much sooner than we would have expected in India
  • This means that a working couple needs to have a dedicated space to work
  • This becomes difficult when space is scarce, and you have your children and parents living with you
  • Even a 3 BHK apartment may fall short to meet such demands
  • A separate study room over and above 3 bedrooms, or a spacious living room may then come to your rescue
  • This can happen only in a 3 BHK flat that’s over 1600 sft

4. More spacious home with extra rooms allow you a superior lifestyle, enables you cater to your family-members and helps you get more social

  • Unlike a 2 BHK unit, with a 3 BHK apartment, you are bound to get the extra space, extra luxury, may be even a balcony along with a utility room
  • All this is possible only if you are NOT too miser about walking a tight-rope walk on budget, and are open to lead a more fulfilling life once home
  • Your guests and relatives also feel more welcome when they know you have a guest room to accommodate them
  • A bigger 3+ BHK flat allows you to entertain more people, and lends you a higher status
  • Home buyers seldom think about a separate room for exercising or entertainment, and a bigger home gives you the flexibility to explore such options

5. 3 BHK Space gets occupied by household items, and a smaller 2 BHK flat gets cramped-up much faster

  • A sample home or a layout plan of a 2 BHK can in no way give you a clear indicator of the extent of spaciousness
  • A 2 BHK home gets fast saturated, and you very soon run out of spaces
  • The problem is that you cannot add adequate furniture or even regular household items due to space-crunch
  • Always think what your family members need a decade from now
  • Also, by buying a bigger 3 BHK + home, you are better prepared for your future needs that you may NOT have anticipated

So, if you have the ability, and can afford a bigger home, it is wise to buy one!

Very often homebuyers in Hyderabad as well as elsewhere ignore their perceivable and unanticipated needs when they end up choosing a small 2 BHK flat. This is a bad decision, especially, when you have the financial ability and confidence to stretch beyond a 2 BHK unit. So far as a home goes- big is beautiful, relaxing, nurturing and family-centred!

To quote Ben McLemore, “My mom is proud of me. I just want to keep working hard so one day I can help my family. I am going to get a big house one day, and we all can stay in it and eat.”


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