3 BHK flat challenges

3 BHK flat in Hyderabad: challenges faced by 1st time, young home buyers

Are you planning on buying your 3 BHK in Hyderabad? Are you in your 30’s, about to start your family, or having a small family? Wondering whether or not buy a 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad? Getting inclined towards a 2 BHK unit to meet your immediate needs? At times even thinking of waiting for a few more years before you purchase your apartment in Hyderabad?

If yes, then this article is for you.

First of all, no one can give an advisory or recommendation about your choice! This article merely gives you inputs to take a glimpse into your ‘future’, and take a well-balanced view of how your life may unfold.

Eventually, you need to weigh your own priorities, your financial status, your family needs and your lifestyle preferences while buying an apartment.

You need to take a deliberate decision to ensure you don’t jeopardize you happiness in the current times, and are also reasonably geared-up for the future!

So, while the decision to buy, delay, or NOT buy a 3 BHK flay is yours, it may really be worth it buying an apartment early-on!

Should your finances allow you the comfort, and your future prospects seem secure, it may be a good idea to buy 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad. Hyderabad also happens to offer excellent options in the Rs 4000 to Rs 6000 per sft range.

5 factors you can contemplate upon, as a 1st time, young home buyer for 3 BHK flat:

  1. As age progresses, our maturity levels change. Our needs, priorities, preferences change, plus, responsibilities come naturally!
    • What we think in our early 30s may be different from what we seek when we are nearing 40 years of age
    • With age and time, our family grows, our connections grow, our social needs change, and our priorities change
    • While we are carefree when we are young, and want to live our life in a reasonably unrestricted way. Our priorities change with spouse and children looking-up at us for emotional and worldly support
    • Hence, with this natural progression, it may be wise to take a peek into the future, and decide whether or NOT to buy a flat early on!
    • By committing to an apartment, we end up making forced-savings, and are more financially frugal
  2. While contemplating between a 2 BHK flat and 3 BHK flat, we normally consider costs, location and lifestyle needs, whereas future ‘family needs’ may go far beyond these
    • You will need to look at all your family members need- be it education, social infrastructure, proximity to work place
    • At times, priorities may to be live in a more peaceful or serene area, and NOT so much closer to place of work/business
    • Family needs of all your family members will NOT only vary, but will also grow with the passage of time
    • While buying your 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad, you must factor in their future needs
  3. Space is never enough as we have children, and their needs starts taking precedence over our needs
    • With family adding, the space gets lesser and lesser as we add more household items
    • It is usually noted that furniture and various other items we get inside the house continually makes our living spaces cramped
    • Hence, having a spacious 3 BHK unit in Hyderabad, with a reasonably decent utility room is important, since your own needs will make you buy things that will need space inside your apartment to accommodate the items
    • Children will also have needs like study tables, bicycles, and other entertainment/health related accessories and gadgets…all of which will occupy space
    • So, having a 3 BHK with adequate space will become prerequisite
    • If you have already a spacious home, it will be a delight in the long run
  4. Social needs require extra rooms as you stabilize in your career, and 3 BHK flat come to your rescue
    • Relatives visiting, friends coming over for social gatherings will be a given as time progresses
    • A decent 3 BHK unit, along with spacious living and family room goes a long way to help you play your role as a social person
  5. Elders (parents) start ageing, and may need to be looked after by you
    • Our parents who we see working and healthy also begin to show signs of ageing
    • We ourselves feel the energy levels dipping with each passing year. We begin realising the importance of health, fitness, balanced-diet, holidaying etc.
    • We need space for our elders in future, for their healthcare and medical needs
    • This is something we are oblivious of especially when we are young, and our parents are also not too old
  6. Getting involved in paying EMIs (instalments on home loans) seems like a burden as of now?
    • What seems like a avoidable burden today, may well be the best decision taken early-on, where you get to possess your home at a reasonable price, while you are still young and energetic
    • It is common knowledge that home buyers normally pay of their loan in an average of about a 10 year timeframe. Going by this, while you are still in your early 40s, you are living in a ‘liability-free’ 3 BHK apartment of your own
    • Not paying rent when you grow older also allows you so have more savings to yourselves while your children are in choosing higher education options

As we grow up, our needs and priorities change. Family becomes more and more important. You feel obligated to giving as much convenience and protection to your loved ones.

A decision to buy a big 3 BHK flat at the right time in the right location may feel like a ‘gift’ for your family!

To quote Nick Crocker- “The greatest reflection of your priorities is your time. Whatever you say about what matters to you, the true test is where you place your time.”


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