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Tips to evaluate pros & cons of PRECISE LOCATION before buying a 2BHK or 3BHK in Hyderabad

Evaluating the precise location of your 2BHK or 3BHK in Hyderabad is an important element in finalizing the location of your dream home.

The PRECISE LOCATION allows us to evaluate the locational advantages and disadvantages that the plot of land of the residential project offers. This could be a ‘gated community residential apartment complex’ spread over a few acres OR a ‘standalone building’ in a smaller plot size in an existing residential colony.

The elements of the precise location of your 2BHK or 3BHK in Hyderabad

1. Proximity to the main road of the locality

  • Having main road in easy or reasonable reach matters
  • Main road may be defined as the major arterial road which is at least 100 feet wide
  • There are no fixed rules on how far or away it could be, but a distance of about 2 to 4 Kms is acceptable
  • Of course, at times, you could be having a not so impressive precise-location even within 200 or 300 metres

2. Safety of the precise location, and access road leading to it

  • Safety of commute, roads, and travel matters
  • If the approach road is NOT laid in ‘black top’, you may want to know the likelihood of the road being laid. At times, the roads come-up a little late, and we end up saying no to a good location just by experiencing the pot-holes in the road leading to the site. That turns out to be a wrong decision in the long run
  • Safety of the road applies both during day and night time, however, with the all- pervasive population explosion, it is usually NOT an issue in most micro markets across Hyderabad
  • The width of the access-road is extremely important from another angle. A small road of anything less than 40 feet can create traffic bottle necks, especially if there are too many houses/projects coming-up
  • Access road being a pleasurable drive is an important factor for you to reach home in a sane/peaceful state of mind. Driving to the last leg of your home should NOT be a traffic nightmare owing to clogged streets
  • Access road should not become a deterrent for you to step out of the house
  • Also, during monsoon, the access road should NOT be in low-lying areas that get water-logged

3. Adjoining locality- its pluses and minuses

  • This includes things like having a school, or a function-hall in the way, which at times becomes painful while trying to commute during certain hours/days/festivals
  • Having public places, or religious places nearby can be a cause of constant disturbance
  • At times, the locality is infamous due to certain bad elements residing in adjoining areas, which needs to be accounted for, and the place be avoided
  • Also, having like-minded gentry around you is important for you to flourish and blossom socially in the place of your choice

4. Pollution, greenery, spaciousness

  • Precise location can be painful if its located too close to the main road that’s inundated with moving traffic throughout the day
  • If you are surrounded with a dusty precise-location, the pollutants as well as dust keeps entering in your home, which is unhealthy for the family
  • You certainly don’t want to live in a home with your doors and windows locked all the time, deprived of cross-ventilation
  • Green cover (plants/trees/parks/spaces/gardens) around your home is important, especially in a post-pandemic world
  • A sense of spaciousness is important when you select a locality
  • Here, a stand-alone building with fewer apartments scores well, since these are usually located in LOW-DENSITY POPULATION areas like Sainikpuri and Yapral

5. Proximity to social infrastructure for 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad

  • Access to groceries, shopping hubs, schools/colleges, eateries, educational institutions, work-place (offices), civic amenities are important
  • It is also important and safe to live in an area that is closer to hospitals, police stations, fire stations etc.
  • Social infrastructure-related things can be very critical in making the choice of your home. For instance, you could choose to live in Madhapur or adjoining areas if Malls, micro-breweries, expensive international schools, cafes’, shopping arcades etc. is your priority
  • Alternatively, those seeking peace, greenery etc. could look at places like Sainikpuri-Yapral locality

Eventually, you need to be very clear about what you want from the ‘precise location’ as you choose your 2BHK or 3BHK in Hyderabad.

“We are our choices.”

– Jean-Paul Sartre


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